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Portland has made a name for itself as a quirky, innovative, and fun place to live. This artsy city loves everything from nightlife and entertainment to nature and river walks. As the largest city in Oregon, Portland borders the Willamette and Columbia rivers and is nestled amongst endless hiking, biking, and walking trails.

While each area has its own distinct feel to it, East Portland is one of the most popular choices for residents new and old. Up until 1891, this area was actually its own city but was soon grouped into the growing city of Portland. Now, everything east of 82nd Avenue is generally referred to as “East Portland”.

Historical buildings and rich culture are things you can expect from the entire area. However, East Portland definitely has a bit more to show off when it comes to historical interests. With that said, the entire city houses gardens, parks, and more for you to admire and enjoy.

It’s simply impossible to summarize all there is to do in East Portland or any single district of this rambling city. The shopping, the entertainment, and the friendly atmosphere are simply best witnessed first-hand. And that’s why, no matter where you end up in Portland, you won’t be disappointed by its many amenities.