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333 Fremont
333 Fremont Street - San Francisco, CA
1 bed$2,735+
2 bed$3,336+
6tenEast Apartments
610 E Weddell Dr - Sunnyvale, CA
1 bed$2,891+
2 bed$3,534+
3 bed$4,399+
Americana Apartments
707 Continental Cir - Mountain View, CA
1 bed$2,163+
2 bed$2,754+
3 bed$3,736+
Aqua Via
125 2nd Street - Oakland, CA
1 bed$3,143+
2 bed$3,900+
Arastradero West
724 Arastradero Road - Palo Alto, CA
1 bed$2,895+
2 bed$3,795+
138 Balbach St. - San Jose, CA
1 bedContact
2 bed$4,045+
3 bed$3,850+
2388 Madden Avenue - San Jose, CA
1 bed$2,330+
2 bed$2,750+
3 bedContact
Cadence Apartments
400 Cypress Avenue - South San Francisco, CA
1 bed$2,732+
2 bed$3,270+
3 bed$5,186+
California Oaks
2005 California Street - Mountain View, CA
1 bed$2,495+
2 bed$3,045+
Centerra Apartments
77 N Almaden Ave - San Jose, CA
1 bed$2,046+
2 bed$3,169+
Halcyon Apartments
1815 Alice St - Oakland, CA
1 bed$2,790+
2 bed$3,550+
Indian Creek Apartments
801 Marine Pkwy - Redwood City, CA
1 bed$2,998+
2 bed$3,272+
1700 Newbury Park Dr - San Jose, CA
1 bed$2,609+
2 bed$2,992+
Marlin Cove Apartments
1060 Foster City Blvd - Foster City, CA
1 bed$2,714+
2 bed$3,395+
3200 Soscol Ave - Napa, CA
1 bed$1,992+
2 bed$2,525+
19700 Vallco Pkwy - Cupertino, CA
2 bed$3,771+
3 bed$5,111+
Old Orchard Apartments
2200 Monroe St - Santa Clara, CA
1 bed$1,995+
2 bed$2,502+
Palo Alto Place
565 Arastradero Rd - Palo Alto, CA
1 bed$3,200+
2 bed$4,550+
3 bedContact
Park Crossing
2100 W Texas St - Fairfield, CA
1 bed$1,902+
2 bedContact
3 bed$2,733+
Peartree Apartments
330 N Mathilda Ave - Sunnyvale, CA
1 bed$2,395+
2 bed$2,495+
Pescadero Apartments
950 Redwood Shores Pkwy - Redwood City, CA
1 bed$3,371+
2 bed$3,345+
Tam Ridge
199 Tamal Vista - Corte Madera, CA
1 bed$3,133+
2 bed$3,511+
3 bed$4,392+
Tan Plaza Apartments
580 Arastradero Rd - Palo Alto, CA
1 bedContact
2 bed$4,095+
3 bed$4,995+
The Plaza
1 Plaza View Ln - Foster City, CA
1 bed$2,605+
2 bed$3,149+
3 bed$4,714+
The Presidio
2000 Walnut Avenue - Fremont, CA
1 bed$2,195+
2 bed$2,772+
Etta SF
1285 Sutter St - San Francisco, CA
1 bed$2,676+
2 bed$3,617+
3 bed$5,161+
Solaire Apartments
299 Fremont St - San Francisco, CA
1 bed$2,356+
2 bed$3,996+
Strata at Mission Bay
1201 4th St - San Francisco, CA
1 bed$2,794+
2 bed$3,921+
1155 4th St - San Francisco, CA
1 bed$3,228+
2 bed$3,994+

San Francisco Apartment Living

Picturesque views wrap around the city thanks to San Francisco’s position on the tip of a peninsula jutting out right into the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. While the San Francisco Bay deserves all the acclaim, the entire city is worthy of endless photos thanks to its many landmarks.

Perhaps one of the most famous landmarks of all is the Golden Gate Bridge, which features an iconic year-round fog that adds to the sheer amazement you'll feel the first time you drive across it. Cable cars and colorful houses dating back to the Victorian era are also standard affairs for the lucky people who call the city home.

In the Financial District, you’ll find the Transamerica Pyramid, which remains one of the most distinctive skyscrapers in the world. Off the bay, you can look out to Alcatraz Island, home to the notorious, and now closed, prison.

San Francisco is indeed one of those rare places that has so much to do you won’t ever find yourself bored. Whether enjoying take-out and a quiet night in your apartment or going out on the town with friends, family, or a special someone, you can do just about anything your heart desires in this lively hub.

From artsy to outdoorsy, all types come together in this seaside city. The coast is home to local landmarks like Fisherman’s Wharf while the nighttime brings all sorts of underground eateries, bars, and clubs alive. During the day, enjoy endless window shopping and a chance to snag some of the world’s best luxury clothing and dining opportunities.

Every part of San Francisco has something to offer, and that’s why we have apartments located in Cupertino, Downtown SF, Fairfield, Foster City, Fremont, Mountain View, Napa, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale.