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Seattle sits on the coast of Washington State, surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and pristine coastline with evergreen forests dotting all the areas in between. Thousands of acres have been dedicated as parks and, as the largest city in the state, Seattle remains one of the leading tech hubs in the country.

Microsoft and Amazon are just two corporations headed in the metropolis, but what the city is known for are its timeless landmarks. For instance, the futuristic Space Needle, a legacy of the 1962 World’s Fair, remains one of the country’s most recognized symbols.

Boutique shopping and delicious dining await in this culture that nearly 750,000 people call home. Millions of tourists pass through every year, enjoying the artistic sites, sounds, and activities that locals enjoy every day.

If you live here for any amount of time, you’ll quickly begin to feel at home as you take in the unrivaled natural beauty that surrounds the world-class attractions. Thriving culture, undying passion for music and art, and--of course--multiple major sports teams have a little something for everyone.

When it comes to schools, Seattle is home to Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, the University of Washington, and countless others. Thanks to the tech scene and numerous local companies and corporations, there are plenty of job opportunities as well.

Every corner of the city has something up for grabs, and you’ll find that, as you move from one neighborhood to the next, each has its own distinct, community feel. Even within the big city, you are sure to find a place where you fit right in and feel at home.

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